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As a Nutritional Therapy Association-certified Nutritional Therapy Consultant, I provide individualized consulting to people suffering from depression, anxiety and other mood disorders. I also work with anyone wanting to improve their overall health. I show how properly prepared, nutrient-dense real food can bring about healing, mental clarity and inner peace. With this renewed vitality, my clients rediscover joy and inspiration that help them weather the many ups and downs of life.

My goal is to teach people how to make optimal food choices and how to prepare foods properly. I don’t have one diet that I recommend for everyone. Instead, I address the "bioindividuality" of each person. Every body is different with varying deficiencies and needs. We also come from different parts of the world where our ancestors ate different foods. So, what will work for one person will not necessarily work for another person. The tools I provide will help you learn, adapt, and meet your individual nutritional needs now and in the future.

I offer individual consultations, Reiki sessions, and nutrition classes.

Did you know that

changes in diet can affect moods, emotional well-being, and mental health?

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through changes in your diet. Flourish can help improve performance, brain function, and energy levels!

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