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Understanding Nutrition

What we put in our bodies has a large impact on our health. This includes every food, liquid and medicine we ingest, every substance we inhale, and even the lotions, creams and chemicals we absorb through our skin. What we avoid—for health, cultural, style, or preferential reasons—can also impact our health, both positively and negatively. Humans have survived on this planet for millennia, eating foods that nature supplied with minimal processing and preparation. But our modern life style, with so many choices of processed, convenient, and prepared food, has taken us too far away from natural foods. The myriad of health issues present today should be all the evidence we need to see how far we have moved away from our natural, healthy lifestyle.

Every tissue, every organ and every system in our body is dependent on the nutrients we take in. From our heart and brains, our skin and lungs, to our bones and joints—all are affected by what we eat and what we do not eat. Healthy fats make up about 15% of our body weight and nourish our hearts, our brains, and our skin. Healthy proteins make up about 18% of our body weight and support our immune system, our digestion and almost all enzymatic functions in our bodies. Complex carbohydrates make up about 2% of our body weight and support our bones and help regulate our protein and fat metabolism. Vitamins and minerals together make up about 5% of our body weight and are essential for keeping the whole system balanced and functioning well. Water, which makes up about 60% of our body weight keeps everything hydrated, cleansed and running smoothly. Our overall health and mental stability depend on all of these nutrients. When just one is left out or overused, deficiencies and disease can follow.

To ensure that we get all the nutrients we need from the food we eat, we must also support and protect the health of our digestive system—our gut. This is particularly true for those with mood disorders. When the lining of our gut is damaged—from too much antibiotic use, refined carbohydrates, or stress, just to name a few—and the healthy and the pathogenic bacteria become imbalanced, we can no longer digest and absorb all the nutrients we need. Large, undigested proteins can travel out through tiny holes in an unhealthy intestinal lining, causing allergies and many other health issues. Toxins generated from unhealthy flora in our gut can also seep out, taxing the tissues of our lungs, heart, skin, even our brains. Our health suffers, and our mental health can suffer as well.

So how do we ensure that we are getting the right nutrients from the food we eat? Information and misinformation about what constitutes healthful nutrition bombard us every day. With all the fad diets, therapeutic diets, plus all the hints about eating vegan, low fat or low cholesterol, how do we know what is good for us? That is where Flourish can help.

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changes in diet can affect moods, emotional well-being, and mental health?

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