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About: My Path to Nutrition

Like many practitioners, I came to nutrition because of my own health challenges. I grew up with severe allergies, eczema, and asthma in the 1970's, when no one knew much about them. Some people did not even believe that allergies were real. "It’s all in your head," I heard more than once. I was also told, "You are too sensitive" so many times that I believed my sensitivity was an inherent flaw of mine. This, along with never feeling quite well, resulted in a sense of isolation. In my teenage years, depression set in and my isolation deepened. As a young adult in the 1980's and 1990's, I often got the message that I was defective because I did not have enough willpower, strength or resilience to be a happy person. Luckily all of this led me on a search for both physical and mental health.

I delved into nutrition in my mid-20’s. After eliminating wheat and dairy from my diet, I felt better and found that my allergies lessened. I also cut down on sugar and ate more protein. Slowly my health improved and my energy returned enough to start exercising. In my 30’s, I went on a quest for mental health by attending the Leadership Institute of Seattle (LIOS). At the time, LIOS was connected to Bastyr University—one of the best naturopathic schools in the country. I made extensive use of Bastyr’s student clinic, and learned more about my health. After two years of intense study, I received my master’s degree in Applied Behavioral Science. However, it wasn’t until I studied at the Nutritional Therapy Association in my 50’s, that I learned it was possible to address depression and other mood disorders with nutrition. I changed my diet once more, this time focusing on healing my gut. That's when my mental health improved in leaps and bounds.

My health continues to improve. Many allergies—both food and environmental—which have plagued me for years are disappearing one by one; foods that I had given up years ago are now part of my regular diet. I can go to a friend’s house and not worry about animal dander setting off an asthma attack. My energy continues to improve, and best of all, my emotional life has stabilized. I can now say I am happy and mean it. I am engaged and enjoying life! Some of this comes with the wisdom of age, but I also know this is from the nutrient-dense, properly prepared food I use to feed my body and my mind.

Area of Expertise

Using my knowledge and skill in behavior science, I help clients address their relationship with food. My aim is to help them transition to healthier eating habits, using many different strategies. I may start them with one big step, or many small steps, depending on where they are with food. Along with my recommendations about what to eat and drink, I will also make recommendations on how to do it. I can help strategize food preparation with busy schedules and busy families. I can provide recipes, or take a client grocery shopping, or demonstrate how to cook a particular item. Concentrating on strategies to improve mental health is also very rewarding. To improve mental health, I may work on digestion or elimination, along with choosing the right nutrients for their system


In 2013, after many years of working in project management, I decided to shift my focus. After researching and trying out other schools, I studied with the Nutritional Therapy Association and received my certification as a Nutritional Therapy Consultant in 2016. I am now building a nutritional consultation practice centered on mental health issues, with a particular focus on depression and suicide prevention. I am building a network of counselors, therapists, naturopathic doctors, and other health care practitioners so that I can recommend effective, holistic support to those suffering from extreme sensitivity, depression, and anxiety.

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