Flourish Nutrition Therapy

Promoting Nutritional Health
through Individualized Consulting

Flourish Nutrition LLC provides individualized consulting to anyone interested in improving their physical or mental health. We specialize in working with those suffering from depression, anxiety, and mood disorders. Flourish teaches how to use properly prepared, nutrient-dense real food to regain health, mental clarity, and inner peace.

As our clients experience success and improved health, they find that making better food choices and eating healthy becomes easier and easier. While good nutrition takes work, it also offers the opportunity to flourish and enjoy lasting vitality.

- Adrienne Powell, MA ABS, NTC

As a Nutritional Therapy Association-certified Nutritional Therapy Consultant, I work with people to identify areas of their diet to improve. I give specific recommendations for changes, or I recommend one of the many therapeutic diets. I also help my clients figure out the best way to transition to healthier eating.

Did you know that

changes in diet can affect moods, emotional well-being, and mental health?

Unlock the Door to Happier Living

through changes in your diet. Flourish can help improve performance, brain function, and energy levels!

Balance your life

with the help of Flourish Nutritional Therapy